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Stingray Omnisphere Bundle

Get all four Omnisphere packs at the very best price! Our bundle gives you four packs for the price of three.


Upgrade to Rengoku Complete

If you have purchased both original packs you could be entitled to a FREE UPGRADE to Rengoku Complete or a £10 upgrade to Rengoku Complete SE

About Us

Stingray Instruments is all about making awesome cinematic sounds.  At Stingray Towers, board meetings bring up questions like what brilliant sounds are we going to make next, when are we going to do it and of course, what cool things can we sample to do so?  We pride ourselves on making production ready sounds but something that little bit different.  Using our own samples is important to us so we record whatever we can get our hands on.  Sometimes, but not too often, we will blend them with the Omnipshere core library.  This gives you a guarantee that you will not find our sounds anywhere else.  Go on, give ’em a whirl!  You know you want to!