Asylum Ultimate Horror Evolved for Kontakt Full 6.4.2.

We have created some truly unique and inspiring sounds that you won’t find anywhere else. Where else can you find the door under my house creaking horribly or my dog being rather angry at the postman? If we could sample it, we did and we have ended up with a really nasty, disgusting and horrid library which in parts will make your skin crawl.

Improved + Upgraded

With our latest update we have completely redesigned this instrument containing everything within just one NKI.

The new custom built menu allows you to switch seamlessly between our entire collection of sounds and instruments.

All new content added over 7 categories, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Keys, Drones, Pads, Risers + Rhythm (Including the latest addition of Percussion).

Asylum Gui.png

Sound Design + Effects

Ambient One Shots, Atmos Hits, Low Hits + Noises, Glitch Hits, Traditional Hits, Horror Scrapes, Metal, Scrapes, Violin Scrapes, Glass Resonance, Metal Resonance,  Haunted Whooshes, Reverses,

Chains, Creaking Doors, Demonic Entities + Screams, Electro Static Ambience,  Monster Noises and Possessed Clocks.

13 key instruments

Piano Box, Puzzle Box, Haunting Glass, Spirited Marimba, Ghostly Mettalaphone, Incantation Of The Dead, Doom, Morgue Chimes, Clinical Bell, Harpsi-Scared,

Half Moon, Crescent Moon and Full Moon.

48 Key Drones

8 Key Pads

4 + 8 Bar Pitch Adjustable Risers

56 Pitch Adjustable / Time syncing Loops

63 Percussive Hits

Take full control of the built in effects

Multi room Reverbs, Daw Syncing Delays, Multi functional Filters, Adjustable Lofi, Scream Distortion, Stereo Spread, Pan and ADSR.


The Full Version of Kontakt 6.4.1 is REQUIRED to use this product. This product will NOT work with the Free Kontakt Player, an outdated version or any other software other than Kontakt. We cannot refund you if you have not met these requirements.

Unfortunately Asylum is too large for our own website to host but we don't mind you purchasing it from another store.  We recommend