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Here at Stingray Towers, we actively encourage rocking out during our world famous board meetings. We find it helps us decide what direction to go in!

After a 37 minute rendition of “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, we noticed one of our guitars didn’t want to stop. It played itself like a magical force, relentless yet beautiful. Like a calling from the Omnisphere gods it gave us a spiffing idea.

That guitar was an Ernie Ball Majesty, so we created this soundpack, Majesty.


120 cinematic guitar sounds based upon not only a Majesty, but also an Ibanez JEM 7V. The king and queen of electric guitars, housed in the brilliance of Omnisphere 2. Sample sessions featured a vintage Marshall JCM2000 and all the craziness that Mooer can conjure.


These sounds are perfect for cinematic scores, crime, drama and anywhere your imagination takes you! Be it a pulse, pad, playable or noisy guitar, delight in the power of the electric six string!


All of our Omnisphere collections are fully compatible with Plugin-Guru Unify.  The extension files are included Free of charge.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.6.2 or above is REQUIRED to use this product. We cannot refund you if you have not met these requirements.

After purchase you can download this product immediately.

Anything purchased from is stored in your account where it can be downloaded whenever you need it.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.3 or above is REQUIRED to use this product.

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