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Rengoku Complete SE

Rengoku Complete SE

Rengoku Complete SE is the new Sonic Extension version of the soundset.  Included are the 140 patches of Rengoku Complete and 140 Sonic Extension versions.  That is 280 patches in total.  These require the UNDERCURRENT and NYLON SKY Omnisphere Sonic Extensions which are available from Spectrasonics. 


Please do not buy our collection unless you own these two Sonic Extensions.

We sadly cannot refund anyone who doesn’t!   


The Sonic Extension versions of each patch add several new effects which are connected to Nylon Sky and Undercurrent.  We haven’t just slapped a new effect on each patch, effects have been changed, removed, replaced and generally fooled around with to create some amazing new sonic superpowers!  In generally, these can be found by gently moving the modwheel to engage the new musical richness!


All of our Omnisphere collections are fully compatible with Plugin-Guru Unify.  The extension files are included Free of charge.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.3 or above plus expansions UNDERCURRENT and NYLON SKY are REQUIRED to use this product.. We cannot refund you if you have not met these requirements.

After purchase you can download this product immediately.

Anything purchased from is stored in your account where it can be downloaded whenever you need it.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.3 or above and expansions UNDERCURRENT and NYLON SKY are REQUIRED to use this product.

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