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On the way to Stingray Towers, we were running up that hill while thinking what our next soundset was going to be. Our ideas ranged from the pretty awesome, to very weird and sometimes down-right strange. In fact, some of the things we came up with were positively loopy. 

The days turned into nights and the nights turned into days, yet we still didn’t have our idea. Suddenly, the giant door knocker echoed out through Stingray Towers and behind the door was a stranger. The grimly stranger who was trying to sell us a Minimoog so they could raise sufficient funds to travel back home. We bought the Minimoog and fired it up. Quite literally!
After putting out the flames, there was a faint analogue murmur as the circuitry slowly died. We knew there and then, an analogue cinematic soundset needed to be created and thus Retropolis was born. With 120 patches and 77 custom samples, Retropolis will bring your analogue dreams to life.  Check out the demos to hear gorgeous keys, thumping pulses and exquisite soundscapes dripping with analogue warmth! Let’s not forget the sumptuous synths, oscillating away as though the robots had programmed these timbres themselves. If cinematic synths with a retro yet modern edge are your thing, then why not visit Retropolis today!

All of our Omnisphere collections are fully compatible with Plugin-Guru Unify.  The extension files are included Free of charge.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.3 or above is REQUIRED to use this product. We cannot refund you if you have not met these requirements.

After purchase you can download this product immediately.

Anything purchased from is stored in your account where it can be downloaded whenever you need it.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.3 or above is REQUIRED to use this product.

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