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Undercover SE

Undercover SE

It’s no secret here at Stingray Towers, we love a bit of crime. In fact both Troy and Pete write a hell of a lot of crime. You can hear our music on like Forensic Files, Most Wanted Criminals and the classic online false identity crime show, Catfish.


When we made these presets for our own usage, we figured, why not make a tried and tested crime pack? With playable instruments, moody pads and some of our signature sound design, we have everything we need to make an awesome crime track!


But it doesn’t stop there, these sounds can be used in Scandi Noire, cinematic underscore and anywhere you dare to do so! Just remember, somewhere, someone is watching!


Using 112 user sound sources, these 185 user presets will give you an edge over the competition whilst also covering a wide range of cinematic genres! Coupled with the brilliance that is Undercurrent, these are unique sounds that will get you noticed on a criminal level.


It’s a crime if you don’t own Undercurrent as it’s necessary for you to use these awesome sounds! Smash and grab these awesome sounds and please remember…keep it crimey!

All of our Omnisphere collections are fully compatible with Plugin-Guru Unify.  The extension files are included Free of charge.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.4 or above and UNDERCURRENT SONIC EXTENSION are REQUIRED to use this product. We cannot refund you if you have not met these requirements.

After purchase you can download this product immediately.

Anything purchased from is stored in your account where it can be downloaded whenever you need it.

SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2.8.4 or above is REQUIRED to use this product.

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